Welcome to Magic Bean Studio where fantasy and dreams become reality.

Imagine the most professional piece of art portraiture that puts your child at the heart of a magical setting full of wonder, a true movie set experience with a sprinkling of Hollywood magic to bring the whole experience to life. Adults too can share the dream, recreating their fantasy heroes surrounded by movie props and effects.

Unlike any traditional photo shoot, Magic Bean spends hours researching, building and dressing the set and crafting the perfect atmosphere for the magic to come to life. Our wardrobe department painstakingly researches and collects authentic props and garments to add to the special experience.

And once the shoot is complete, the real wizardry gets to work with tinsel town post production processes to deliver mind blowing and unrivalled results for you to cherish for ever after.

Tel: 01279 304 755

Call us today or look through this website for more information and prepare for an adventure of a lifetime.