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Welcome to Magic Bean Studio. Offering professional photographers a totally new, unique and comprehensive pre-packaged ready to go, or bespoke story and theme inspired photography set, prop and exhibition stand creative service for your studio or business.

Photography studios: Imagine offering the most professional piece of art portraiture that puts your clients at the heart of a magical setting full of wonder, a true movie set experience with a sprinkling of Hollywood magic to bring the whole experience to life, or a fantastic production for your new personal projects, perhaps to enter into a forthcoming competition or for your qualification panel.


Business Owners - Marketing
Unlike any traditional photo shoot, we spends hours researching, building and dressing unique sets and exhibition stands, crafting the perfect atmosphere for the magic to come to life that will make sure you stand out from your competitors.


We spend hours painstakingly researching new ideas for movie, TV and fantasy inspired sets and exhibition stands, developing not just the special environments in which to shoot or exhibit, but all the post production effects, photoshop actions and Lightroom presets to complete the final look.

We hand make ultra-real looking props and garments to add to your set which your studio or business can now order, providing a totally new and different offering to your current and potential customers that want something different, or to take your own personal standards of work up another notch.

Take a look at the gallery of images to show you what you could be shooting in your own studio or how your next set of images could look.