What is Business in a Box?


As the name suggests, these are our very special, all inclusive packages that go way beyond just providing a backdrop, props and a few costumes.

These totally unique, themed, fine art professional photography studio business solutions are designed, and tested, to plug into your studio, with your very own exclusive territory, which is going to make you some serious money, and raise your photography standards, very quickly indeed.

“We have done all the development work for you, so you don’t have to”.

Everything you need is included, from the set dressing and post production elements to the costumes and sales product design templates. We even provide you with full resolution images to kick start your marketing so your studio is booked prior to set up.

With full training and support provided these packages are very easy to set up and install. It only takes half a day to set up, test and do your training. Yes, we can come to you to set up,or you can use our video tutorials, guides and telephone support instead. The choice is yours.

What’s in the Box?

A complete list of everything will be provided in detail but the main highlights are:
Unique designed vinyl backdrop, anti-glare and zero creases
Hand crafted giant mushrooms and rocks plus set dressing
Stunning range of costumes, head garlands and wings
Lightroom presets, Photoshop actions & brushes
Ongoing sales, marketing, training and product support
Marketing help to get your studio booked up prior to set up.
Training videos, guides and tutorials.

Image of little girl as fairy

One per area promise.

To insure you have your own local patch to yourself, we promise not to sell your chosen theme to any other studio in your area. Each territory is post-code specific and is calculated as an approximate population level of a minimum of around 250,000 and anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes travel time, by car to your studio, depending on the population density in your area. Territory extensions are available if you want a larger area, so long as no other studio already has the patch you are interested in.

Want to see if your territory is available?

Give us a call on 01279 304 755 or

email mark@magicbeanstudio.co.uk

Record sales for one of our members.

Joe Law photography in November achieved a whopping £3200 sale from one of his clients, in the Newcastle area.


He called to thank us for our help, which he has credited us in helping him save more money, and boosted his self confidence beyond his wildest dreams. With our help with the marketing, and setting of his price list and telephone support Joe has become one of our top earners from this unique studio investment.

Business in a Box Themes


BIAB Fairies theme is the most popular and longest running theme we have in our growing collection,  and we now have 28 studios around the UK that are all running this incredibly successful package since January 2016.

We have a lot of territories available throughout the UK and are now in the process of hand selecting studios we think would be perfect. If you have been contacted by us, or are interested in this for your own studio, get in touch now to see if your territory is still available.

When it’s gone, it’s gone!


NEW for 2017 is our brand new Wizard business in a box package. We have a brilliant new story to follow, that will be featured in a stunning new book design template early spring 2017. Your clients will be blown away with this set up, which features two sides to the set making shooting landscape and multi angles a lot easier, custom made costumes, hand made wizard throne and special leather effect covered table.  We have a professionally narrated story from Ex BBC presenter, with sound effects and music to create a perfect in studio experience, or pre-shoot excitement build up to mail out to clients.


Later in 2017 is the forthcoming addition to our expanding range of themed Business in a Box packages. Working with some of the UK’s top newborn photographers, so we can design ultra safe and unique pieces, to help you have a complete business solution that goes way beyond a new prop or background. Details will be posted on Facebook and right here as things move forward.

Image is temporary for illustration purposes only – Thanks Mel!

Average sales per shoot - Fairies and Elves

£350 ave.

This means your investment is repaid in your first full week of doing shoots, normally during half term. This figure is taken from the sales information from 28 studios around the UK and Ireland. With the information being shared and new ideas being generated this figure is expected to rise.

This is feedback we have collected through regular conversations we have with our members, whom we can give you their contact details so you can ask them yourself. Don’t take our word on it, talk to the studios from all over the UK that are loving the success this set up is bringing their studios.

Time saved getting set up

Weeks saved

The time we save you working out how to make or where to get every single element of this set up is enormous. All the costumes, hand made wings, set dressing pieces plus the construction methods have been developed over a long period of time.

The realism look of the giant mushrooms and rocks, or the castle walls and wizard throne are just like off the movies. Not forgetting the post production work-flow, brushes and other digital tools to create a fast but polished look is the icing on the cake.

Bespoke marketing help

Pre-Set up

Helping you get booking in before you have your set installed is a major part of helping you get a good and fast return on your investment. We provide you with full resolution images and other marketing advice to help you get the images out there, in your local area, and to your current client list, to stimulated bookings that will start your bookings coming in immediately.

You will also be able to join our private Facebook BIAB members forum where there is lots of discussing about price lists, product suppliers, ideas of what to say on the phone and sales figures achieve. This support group has proved to be so valuable especially to new members.

Training and Support

Posing polish and online help.

Having completed over 2000 shoots in this genre, Mark will be able to train you or your staff with the finer details of story telling posing techniques, so that every pose is easy to remember and looks very realistic and natural. You will also learn how to create stories that you can covert to products that help raise your average sales using templates that will be designed just for you.

Using the Facebook private forum, there is a lot of member activity about specific topics that has provided a great deal of help and support in getting things fixed or news and better ways of doing things.

We are in the process of setting up our first “Meeting of the BIABs”, where we will be getting together in one of the member’s studios for a day looking into new product ideas, promotional campaigns, advert designs and price list development. This I expect will be followed with a few drinks and a nice meal.


1. How is payment required..all in one go or is there other options?
Payment is due prior to sending anything out. However we are happy to split the payments into three, so that you pay a deposit to secure your area and once the balance is paid then we send you everything across to you.

2.When I add to the set are you able to provide additional rocks and plants and can you give me a guide as to the additional cost involved.
Yes that is no problem. Any additional items to help build the set up we can supply and will be happy to talk about this when you are thinking specifics. A full price list of set dressing items and props are on the website shop

3.When you come to do the setup how extensive is the technical training provided ( in particular angles to shoot, suitable apertures, how to edit for the effects and lighting!)
The training is personalised around you and what you need to get you up and running fast. I spend as much time is needed to make sure you are very happy and comfortable before going off on your own. The DIY option does not come with my person studio visit.

4. When the storybook albums are up with Graphi Studio and other suppliers, are we automatically granted free access with a normal book cost or are we going to have to pay to use the templates?
All of our Business in a Box members receive free updates and templates as part of the on going relationship with you for the first 12 months. You would just produce the full resolution files from templates we provide you, using ProSelect software, by Time Exposure, for the design and size you want for your client, and order through Graphistudio in the normal way within your studio account. There maybe a special link to the Magic Bean only products with  GraphiStudio, but will provide details if and when that all takes place.

5. What feedback have you received on the average spend at a fairy shoot viewing? In addition what is a typical base product price to a client who wants to take part but isn’t cash rich enough to buy big?
The studios I have spoken to all seem to be averaging around the £300 to £350 level per shoot. I would say the starting price for products should be around £50 and go up from there. As part of the private closed group Facebook forum, you have will have access to all the other studios that are members so things like price list settings and packaging, viewing systems and telephone scripts you will have access to ask about when you are a member.

6. How soon would I gain access to the advertising images to get my books full in advance of the setup?
As soon as the payment in full is made.

7. I shoot on Canon 5D Mlll, is there a particular lens you find works best for these shoots.
I recommend using a 24-70mm 2.8 lens as you will be shooting quiet close, and will explain other advantages during the training.

8. I currently use a big Elinchrom octabox, is this suitable to light the shoots or do I need to invest as being honest I struggle to feather with an octabox and I am concerned about glare on the backdrop ( I have 4 strobes so it’s only modifiers i’d potentially need)
You can use a honeycomb grid to help direct the light more towards the way the light is facing, or get a smaller soft box so that the level of spill is smaller, thus the background will be darker which is what you want. Again I will cover this in the training if you want this option.

9. If I wanted to extend my exclusive territory, how much would it cost.?
At the moment we offer an area extension option and is different in each case, so is something we can look at in more detail together if you are interested.

10. Is there a peak season when these shoots tend to be more popular , and do most photographers tend to put it  away and get it out for pr-arranged dates a few times a year, or have it available most weekends? Is there a formula that you would recommend regarding this?
Different studios have been doing different things based on a range of elements. How much fun they have shooting this genre, how much money they are making, level of demand for shoot bookings, and what other genre of photography they are doing. The school holidays are the busiest, with the lead up to Christmas being very, very busy indeed.

11. I presume that any photography studio can do their own version of a fairy shoot, how do we stand in relation to these mobile or other local photographers operating fairy shoots in our area?
Yes that is right. The way you beat them is by being different, being better and getting on the scene more often and with stunning images. From the collective experience and research, this specific tried and tested look and experience, is by far and away head and shoulders above any other studio’s DIY versions, in most cases.

12. Are we free to design our own logos and marketing materials or are there pre-designed ones we have to use?
You are completely free to do your own thing. This is not a franchise, you are simply buying a license to use our concept, together with all the training and support, set, costumes and so on. However, as part of the support we provide you with marketing material templates, which is part of the package for the first 12 months.

E: mark@magicbeanstudio.co.uk

T: +44 (0)7976 299967

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