Mark Bushkes

Mark Bushkes


As a professional photographer, qualified to Associate level, I have a very detailed knowledge of the professional photography industry which means I am well versed in the finer details of what works and doesn’t work as a pro-shooter in the UK.

As the production designer I am in charge of the projects and commissions that come into the workshop. Having built sets for myself for many years, and used them to shoot over 3000 clients, I have acquired a unique blend of skills and real client experience, which is now being offered to you for your studio productions and ideas. I have a very close connections within the film industry and am very passionate about telling a story in my own final collections. Making my work look real and believable is my main focus and drive, and one that is continuing to build on my growing reputation as a true artist, and has a very large influence in the standard of craftsmanship we here produce at Magic Bean Studio.

I also operates as a freelance photographer  and am always keen to talk to anyone about new ideas and projects, both here in the UK and abroad. Working very closely with Harlow College I am helping to shape the lives of young adults that are training to become professionals themselves.

Having completed my yacht masters as a commercially endorsed skipper, and have sailed across the Atlantic and completed a large number of cross channel yacht races, I am a very keen yachtsman, and hope to have my own boat one day.  A am a keen chef and DJ, I love to party hard at times, but also love to kick back and chill out with a good movie too.

Claire Doddington

Claire Doddington

Model maker

Hi, this is me. I am Brighton born and bred with hands that always are
itching to be making something. Having grown-up always creating things and
sewing it seemed a natural progression becoming a model maker. This means
I make props, puppets, models, and sets for all kind of industries. I have
been doing since I graduated with a first class bachelor of arts degree
with honours in model design and model effects a few years ago. I am
excited to be working with Mark on creating sets and props to help achieve
the perfect photographed image or atmosphere.

I love a good chat, so feel free to phone and discuss any requirements for
your project of any scale.


T: +44 (0)7976 299967

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