DIY Fairy set package (NEW)

We have put together a very special package which combines the time saving elements of sharing with you all our suppliers, with our giant toadstool and rocks so that you can enjoy getting yourself up and running fast. As a bonus we will even supply you with a set of Photoshop brushes and actions to help speed up your workflow.

This is not our Business in a Box, and many of the additional benefits of investing in our BIAB are excluded from this offering.


Toadstool - Giant

Handmade to look real but robust and able to carry adults, this prop is perfect for studio and location work. We are the only firm in the UK that supply these and takes anywhere from 1 to three weeks to make depending on other projects in the pipeline.



We offer a range of sizes for rocks. Each one is hand made and painted to look very real plus allows you to insert plants and other things that has a wire so that they stay in place during a session.

Small – £45 –  Medium – £85 –  Large – £120

Complete set of three small, three medium and one large £395

Nest and Plinth

This stunning newborn set is a two part, very versatile combination offering options to shoot with either just the nest, plinth or both together, creating a totally unique look. Placed in a set with added textures and colour options this can offer your clients a truly breathtaking set of images.


If you would like to order or ask questions about these items please email or call 01279 304 755