Combining over 10 years of being a professional photographer, plus having a masters degree in Marketing, Mark Bushkes, the founder of Magic Bean Studio, is able to provide you with a very specific range of expertise, especially when it comes to story telling in images.

We offer 1-2-1 training days and also a number of seminars and workshops to attend throughout the year, both here in the UK and internationally. We don’t just tell you or show you what to do, we can provide you with the tools, the actions and presets so you can go off and take the same images in your studio without delay.

Sign up to our email list to receive regular updates and planned events of where you can catch us doing demo days, or our latest webinars with not just other photography studios, but also people within the movie business. If you would like to discuss anything in more detail please call 01279 304 755 and speak to Claire or Mark.


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Magic Bean Studio

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